Why Did We Make this Film?

Adroit Films made the Upper Big Branch Never Again film  to honor the memory of the victims by encouraging improvements in mine safety by presenting an alternate opinion about the cause of the accident.  After reading the various reports about the explosion, Adroit Films came to the conclusion that conventional wisdom about the accident may have overlooked other likely causes, and because of that, proper steps have not yet been taken to prevent another accident.

The film intends to encourage meaningful discussion that goes beyond anger for Don Blankenship’s participation in the film.  Mr. Blankenship’s controversial participation in the film has brought renewed attention to the topic of mine safety. Adroit Films hopes that the public discussion will go beyond criticizing Mr. Blankenship as messenger to addressing the points raised in this film so to have a meaningful debate about how mine safety can be improved. Public debate is one of the things that makes America great.  Everyone has the right to voice their opinions on matters of public concern such as America’s reliance on coal, and ensuring that mining be made as safe as possible for miners.

The film has inspired a robust public discussion, Adroit Films hopes that the discussion shines a light on what mine safety improvements must be made to avert another Upper Big Branch disaster.